About Me

My name is Jimiah (Jihh-My-Yah) and I’m you’re number one hearty homebody. Over the last several years, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of sites that focus on fashion, home decor DIY, cooking food, etc. but nothing on the perspective of an enthusiastic introvert, courageous couch potato, a wanton wallflower, or loud loner.

To me, being a homebody is more of an attitude, and less of an activity. I enjoy travelling, hanging out with friends ( one or two at the most–trust me) and spending time with family. But before I got into any of that disgusting stuff, I had to learn how to enjoy myself… In a less suggestive manner *evil hackle*. I had to learn how to love myself before I could enjoy anything or anyone else. I believe in self-acceptance, self-love, and individualistic pride; furthermore, I believe loving yourself should be the most important if not first relationship you ever develop.

My blog kind of, tries to, sort of take a shot at helping others find their inner love, or at least how I found mines, amongst other obsessive things I might post (I might be a part of every fandom known to man).

Please, sit back and enjoy (possibly repeatedly) .