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Roommates or No?

I’m a fiercely independent gal. I like to do things my way and no one else ( even the parental units) can tell me otherwise.

I’m a single female living in the city and  I take pride in my beautiful home with all of it’s stylish appeal. It’s something I can call my own, by myself. I’ve paid my dues to society and went through the passage of roommate living all throughout college.

And for the most part, my college roommate experience was good. In fact, my college roommate and I are still friends to this day. However, now that I’ve come to know the single living life I am in n o rush to acquire another roommate.

I’m on this soapbox because a friend of mine mentioned living together next year and at the time I laughed and though “eh, maybe”, but as I went home, sat down in my underwear, left my bowl of cereal in the sink, and threw my mail on the kitchen counter it dawned on me that being a roommate was a bad idea.

*steps onto soapbox*



I’d rather live in my parent’s basement, than have a roommate. I got really lucky with my college roommate and I believe my luck might run out trying to go two-for-two.

A lot of my college roommate success comes from not being friends with my roommate before we were roommates. We had no idea who the other was, and had only decided to become roommates through a freshman forum. Flash forward to today, and the person now asking to be a roommate is actually my friend. Unfortunately, I don’t believe we’d stay friends should we become roommates.

I’m just too selfish at this point in my life and I don’t want to compromise the way I act at home. Now if this friend were homeless, and had nowhere else to go–yes, she could crash until she got it together. That’s not the situation here though. This young lady has all of this year to decide her future living quarters and I can’t imagine her “just so happen to be homeless”  next year unless (heaven’s forbid) something tragic were to occur.

*steps down from soapbox*


Now I just have to gently but firmly turn down her request and go about eating ice cream in my undies.




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